CARIN Washington

Empowering communities with tools and resources to build resilience in a changing world

Community Oriented Solutions

In Washington State we are witnessing the impact of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Schools and restaurants have been forced to close, leaving man families to lose income and childcare. Our “life as normal” systems are breaking down

CARIN, the Community Action Response Information Networks provides neighborhoods, municipalities, and counties with dashboards that increase hyper local problem solving and coordination with a focus on human to human relationships and community development

Our Platform

Community Dashboards

We provide a home for information and resources valuable to your community. An easy access information dashboard for your community

Live Information Maps

Visually display information about the current status of businesses, organizations, government offices, as well as the location of available resources

Volunteer System

Community members can volunteer their resources, time, and skills to members of their community by displaying their availability in an easy access directory

Our Current Dashboards

Right now we are focused on creating dashboards and systems for communities in Bellingham WA. Once we have the capability, we aim to expand further into Whatcom County, and then into the whole of Washington. If you are interested in having your own dashboard, please visit the “Apply For CARIN” page

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If you know someone willing to act as a leader from within their community, please have them reach out to us. We will work hands on with as many people as possible while providing resources to those we cant reach. Thank you!